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Ghosts, Demons, Aliens & UFOs – A Closer Look at the Phenomena

June 4, 2013


Unholy Communion: The Fourth Kind Unveiled #UFO #Aliens

July 20, 2012

UFO Mainstream Media Coverage MASS SIGHTINGS Taking Place

January 17, 2012

200 from a class of angels called the watchers led by Semyaza came to earth in their merkabahs during the days of Jared, but defiled themselves with human women. Their children were giant hybrid abominations that took over the world. The fallen watchers taught their nephilim children many secrets of heaven and earth that we […]

Evidence for a Spiritual Interpretation of #Aliens and #UFOs by Guy Malone

October 19, 2011

Evidence for a Spiritual Interpretation of Alien Contact from Joseph Jordan on Vimeo. Evidence for a Spiritual Interpretation of Aliens and UFOs by Guy Malone The overall theme discussed is how the modern-day documented reports of UFOs and Aliens actually do NOT suggest to many educated researchers that the phenomena that have been recorded for […]