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Here’s DRAKE, Dancing with the Devil

April 30, 2016

Drake’s new album is out and he is seen here dancing with the Owl hoodie and his perfectly positioned hand gesture. Cremation of Care (The OWL) | Baphomet Whether or not you agree, it’s Illuminati-driven and if you’re aware of the Devil as Baphomet and the ‘Cremation of Care’ ceremony, you will begin to see the pieces […]

Celebrities Exposed: Satanism in the Hollywood & Music Industry (#Illuminati, Masons)

January 10, 2014

They Sold Their Souls for Rock and Roll – Full Length Movie Documentary

June 23, 2012

How Satan Uses #Music to Capture Your Mind

February 8, 2012

How Satan Uses Music to Capture Your Mind

Celebrities that Sold Their Souls to #Devil #Lucifer #Satan

October 3, 2011

KATY PERRY – EMINEM – KANYE – EAGLES – Celebrities who sold their souls –

Nicki Minaj – #Possessed

October 1, 2011

The Third #Jihad – Radical Islam’s Vision for #America

August 16, 2011

Masonry Exposed #Mason #Illuminati #Oaths

July 27, 2011

The “mother of all Masonry talks,” as several have described it. Bill (a former 32nd degree Mason) spends nearly 2.5 hours going over the history, secrets, and political impact of the Lodge and then compares it to the Holy Bible. He shows why the Bible condemns Masonry and gives indisputable reasons for leaving the Lodge. […]

Anton LaVey Beg’s for God’s Mercy on his Death Bed

July 22, 2011

The woman who followed Anton to his deathbed only to be turned Christian watching & hearing him Cry out to God for mercy.. He begged God to let him live long enough to repent: “Please don’t let me die yet.. I can’t go there, Please let me live long enough to repent” those were his […]

Jay-Z Exposed

April 24, 2011