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Bill Schnoebelen Exposes #UFO #Aliens and #Demons with #Religion

October 17, 2011

Bill Schnoebelen does it again with another wonderful analysis of exposing the truth. Evil and UFO’s have a more intimate relationship than you might think.. Advertisements

Retired FBI Division Chief Ted Gunderson exposes the FBI’s prior knowledge of Cover-ups #911 Failure #OWS

October 6, 2011

True Colors of Homeland Security PART 1 – PART 2 – PART 3 – PART 4 – PART 5 – PART 6 – PART 7 – PART 8 –

Illuminating Secret Societies: The Mind Control Agenda #NWO #Illuminati #MindControl

September 11, 2011

PART 1 – Video Link Illuminating Secret Societies PART 2 –

Lindsey Williams – Middle East Crisis #NWO

September 6, 2011

Middle East: The Rest of the Story by Lindsey Williams. This is the actual three DVD set that was shipped in March 2011. This video contains the entire three DVD set together and is about two and a half hours long. The Topics include: The Middle East Crisis. Future Price of Crude Oil. Future Price […]

Lindsey Williams – The Elite Speak #NWO

September 6, 2011

Lindsey Williams The Elite Speak Video. Patriot Pastor Lindsey Williams spills the beans on the dire predictions foretold by Ken Fromm formerly of Richfield Oil on his death bed confession. Lyndsey Williams was interviewed in February 2011 and relayed as the chaplain of the global elite for many years, that their plan was to extinguish […]

The Prophecy Club – Illuminati & Government Corruption Exposed

August 30, 2011

Ted Gunderson Exposes the Illuminati & Government Corruption. PART 1 – PART 2 – PART 3 – PART 4 – PART 5 – PART 6 – PART 7 – PART 8 – PART 9 – PART 10 – PART 11 –

A History of the New World Order by David Rivera #NWO

August 12, 2011

#Lucifer Dethroned by Bill Schnoebelen

July 29, 2011

Bill is a recognized authority on alternative religions and the occult, and spent sixteen years as a teacher of witchcraft, spiritism and ceremonial magick. His spiritual search also included seven years in the Church of Satan. Additionally, he spent nine years as an active member of the Freemasonic fraternity and five years as a devout […]

Masonry Exposed #Mason #Illuminati #Oaths

July 27, 2011

The “mother of all Masonry talks,” as several have described it. Bill (a former 32nd degree Mason) spends nearly 2.5 hours going over the history, secrets, and political impact of the Lodge and then compares it to the Holy Bible. He shows why the Bible condemns Masonry and gives indisputable reasons for leaving the Lodge. […]