Rise Against The Machine
Exposing Sins, Corruption & Atrocities; Soul Winning in Spiritual Warfare.

Victorious Spiritual Warfare by Carl Thomas

For over 25 years Carl Thomas has taught hundreds of Christians to defeat fear and the devil by the power of God.

+Your authority in Jesus.
+How to do warfare against satan.
+What spiritual battles to fight.
+The power of praise and prayer.
+ How to draw on God’s power and have Victorious Spiritual Warfare.


2 Responses to “Victorious Spiritual Warfare by Carl Thomas”

  1. I watched Mr. Carl Thomas in youtube, and this is by far the best exposition on spiritual warfare I have ever heard.
    He is anointed to execute God’s call on his life in a powerful, simple and verse by verse Bible way, to help the soul seeking deliverance how to enforce the authority we have in Yeshua. To find God’s liberty as it is written and promised.
    I wish I could get his teachings though.
    May the Lord Bless Carl Thomas.

  2. Thank you Lord for your servant Carl

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