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Severe Warning for America by Steve Quayle and Greg Evensen

“Catastrophic Upheaval In All Realms Is Now In Motion: The Coming Slaughter”



2 Responses to “Severe Warning for America by Steve Quayle and Greg Evensen”

  1. The Lord still has a prophetical warning to America through people that love and fear God. Thank you for engaging a Country that is in dire need of conviction, repentance, revival, and willful rightousness by a people that desire the favor of the Lord more than the favor of man.

  2. How dare we in America even dream that we are above the judgements God as a nation. America is welling up the wrath of God and this “Severe Warning for America” had better send shivers down every God fearing soul walking on American soil. Denial of this tragic reality is willfull ignorance.

    The Holy Spirit through faith in the Christ of God will prepare every soul for what is about to befall America. Do your own research and look at what happened to Israel in the record of the Old Testament.

    May the Lord raise up believers to reveal the Great God and Savior of truth that moves His own to be bold and courageous and who are not afraid to wear the yoke of bondage for the name of Christ!

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