Rise Against The Machine
Exposing Sins, Corruption & Atrocities; Soul Winning in Spiritual Warfare.

HIGH ALERT Beginning 2012 For You & Your Family

Martial Law Likely To Begin In 2012 or Soon After

US FEMA Camps (Concentration Camps) Hiring Crew By February 2012:

United States Passes Law To Detain Citizens Without Charge, Without Trial, Without Overseer

WWIII Could Break Out By Oct 2012 Initiated By Globalists/Elite

“Israel and Syria Brace For Regional War Between Mid-Dec to Mid Jan 2012”

Euro & US Dollar Collapse Planned For 2012 To Bring In ONE WORLD CURRENCY & GOVERNMENT

Pope Benedict XVI Calls For ONE WORLD ORDER and LEADER
OCTOBER 24, 2011
JULY 7, 2009 – http://www.nytimes.com/2009/07/08/world/europe/08pope.html

ALL the end time signs for the tribulation is here. This means Jesus can come literally ANY MOMENT now! Are you ready?


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