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The #Angelic Hierarchy

There are several mysterious appearance of an angel referred to as The Angel of the Lord and the Captain of the Host(Angelic Army)

The Fallen Angels mating with the daughters of man was controversial and eventually censored by the early church fathers of Christianity due to the impending celibacy of monks. However, it has survived through Jewish rabbinical traditions and is mentioned by historians and biblical writings in the Christian canon.

Angels are found throughout the bible during the torah and in the life of Jesus. In the Torah or Old Testament. 2 classes of angels are named, Seraphim and Cherubim. Saint Paul assigns additional ranks of angels. The seven additional classes are, angels, archangels, principalities, powers, virtues, dominions, and thrones. While some rankings work together in unison some are separate and distinct. The Angelic Hierarchy can be compared to the church body. All are important and significant and all work together to form the whole angelic body.

The Fallen Angels & Nephilim –

The Angelic Army –

The Angelic Triad –

The Archangels & 4 Angels of the Throne –

The Fallen Angels & The Elect One –

The Watchers & The Book of Enoch –

The Angels & Mystery of Heaven –

The Fallen Angels & The Elect One –


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  1. They found the Ark of the Covenant where Moses placed the 10 Commandments, in a cave under Golgotha.


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