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Anton LaVey Beg’s for God’s Mercy on his Death Bed

The woman who followed Anton to his deathbed only to be turned Christian watching & hearing him Cry out to God for mercy.. He begged God to let him live long enough to repent: “Please don’t let me die yet.. I can’t go there, Please let me live long enough to repent”

those were his words just some of them as he drifted in and out of his Hell experience.


3 Responses to “Anton LaVey Beg’s for God’s Mercy on his Death Bed”

  1. the bible is truth and god is love. He suffers long for us-it is not His plan anyone go to hell-he calls us everyday to Himself but if we reject constantly that call we only destroy ourselves-God never sent anyone to hell but people send themselves there by choosing sin. He calls until someone has gone so far he cannot call anymore. If you choose to not love God He can allow you to drift to your own world and then when you need him to help you-he will not listen for you rejected him. Listen to these words by God Himself-because you neglected knowledge and the fear of God-because i called and you could not listen-you will seek me early and you will not find me-you will call upon me and i will not answer-for you hated knowledge and the fear of God. It says of Esau who sold his birthright-there was no place found for repentance(forgiveness) though he sought forgiveness diligently with tears. God can hate just as much as He loves-your sins separate you from Him-He has loved you with an eternal love but if you reject it he can do nothing about it but send you to hell. He sent His Son Jesus to die a gruesome death on the cross for you how can you continually reject such pain given for you and still go to his heaven. You never know if you will die tomorrow-today is the day of repentance and in that is turning away from all sin not some through the power that is in the blood of Jesus.God is faithful-God is love.

  2. In the name of GOD THE FATHER, GOD THE SON AND.GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT AMEN. FATHER forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing…I’m begging u GOD please…

  3. his soul is lost,He sinned . He turned God away. He sinned against the Holy Spirit. THAT IS THE BIGGEST SIN AND YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGIVEN>>>>>>

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