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#Fukushima ‘Melt Down’ and Tainted Food & #Water

Fukushima ‘Melt Down’ and Tainted Food & Water..

Climate Change Update (10 July 2011) 7.0 Earthquake Japan
lots of good links in this update

Yokohama 2011-7-11 radiation readings live

Yokohama-2 2011-7-11 pt. 2 radiation readings slive

7.09.2011 – Facebook and the CIA – Illegal to Collect Rainwater – KRAFT – Earthquakes – Volcano

Volcano-volcan-Amazing-volcanic eruption under Katla(HD), Iceland,10/07/11

Symphony of Science ‘We Are All Connected’ ft Sagan, Feynman, deGrasse Tyson Bill Nye

Michael Jackson – Earth Song (Subtitulado)

North Carolina State Says Nuclear Reactor Leak Poses No Threat 7-7-11(date of report)

by YouTube user:

[NOTE: Half-life is the time taken for a radioactive substance to decay by half.] * Cesium-134 ~ 2 years * Cesium-137 ~ 30 years * Iodine-131 ~ 8 days * Plutonium-239 ~ 24,200 years * Ruthenium-103 ~ 39 days [Ruthenium is a fission product of uranium-235.] * Ruthenium-106 ~ 374 days * Strontium-90 ~ 28.85 years [Strontium-90 is a product of nuclear fission and is found in large amounts in spent nuclear fuel and in radioactive waste from nuclear reactors.] * Uranium-234 ~ 246,000 years * Uranium-235 ~ 703.8 million years * Uranium-238 ~ 4.468 billion years


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