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The Industry Exposed #Witchcraft #Occult Practice & Murder of Sharon Tate

When one is following the rabbit hole, asking the right questions and accessing this age of technology, the pieces begin to fit together like a puzzle. For more information on this visit the John Todd recordings to the right (from the 1970’s) where he exposes witchcraft and the method of madness behind the Sharon Tate murder.

(Also see video 1, Minute 7:50). “Tate was breaking away {from the occult} and she wanted out and you don’t get out.. Her baby was what she cared about.”

2 Timothy 1:7

for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.


5 Responses to “The Industry Exposed #Witchcraft #Occult Practice & Murder of Sharon Tate”

  1. By the way, what really got Sharon Tate killed was that her boyfriend Jay Sebring and her house guest were drug dealers. It’s not the first time or the last time that a couple of drug dealers were killed over drugs along with their girlfriends! It’s really that simple.

    • Most people know that the original version of these crimes is pure fantasy. I subscribe to Occam’s Razor when coming to the reasons why these murders occurred….Helter Skelter makes too many assumptions.

    • What nonsense. First, Jay Sebring was NOT a drug dealer. Second, and this is the important point really, the majority of drug dealers die peacefully in bed. Despite Hollywood films showing otherwise, and despite cops who use drugs as an easy answer for everything, most drug dealers are low level suppliers who never witness a day of violence.

  2. I have always believed that something else was happening behind the scenes at the Tate murders. There are many issues about the crime that do not make logical sense. The problems with the crime scene go away when one steps outside the box to consider another motive…and that motive is ritualistic, steeped in mind control. When I realized the structure of of the murders, all of the inconsistencies of the crime vanished.

  3. I always thought there was an underlying reason for these horrific crimes
    and I always had a gut feeling that Polanski was involved. What a scumbag
    being overseas when his was wife that far into pregnancy. The helter/skelter was just a ruse to hide the real motive, as Manson says
    ‘I don’t snitch’ If you read the hardcover biography of Manson the horrible
    abuse he was subjected to as a child. I’m not at all condoning what he
    did but he was born into crime.

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