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PREPAREDNESS ALERT!!! Major attack on Mid-America planned in May RT fast #AlexJones @RealAlexJones

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if what this report says is true, it’s our obligation to warn our

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BREAKING NEWS: Major attack on Mid-America planned in Mid-May…

*Subject:*  GCongress> HAARP Event-May 16-19 (fwd)

I reviewed this email and looked at a few videos and web sites. The
coincidence that FEMA and military operations were being implemented
before, and during earthquakes of the past is quite phenomenal.
Chances of this happening are slim to none in the betting world;
however it being coincidental or not… it is not for me to decide
whether you know of this or not… therefore, I am forwarding to you
these links for you to decide yourself.

I firmly believe in the people as whole being intelligent enough to
investigate and learn of things that may be harmful to themselves and
families. It is NOT the right of any form of government, to cover up
potential health, safety and harmful problems, as they have done in
the past so many times before and are doing so today as you read this
article. Their belief is that the people can not handle the truth. I
say that is a bunch of Bull and we the people must always know and
learn of all things that pertain to our health, wealth, life and

It is my DUTY to let you know of possible crimes being committed
against the people of the United States and the world, as a Christian
and as a Patriot for free agency, liberties and freedoms that God has
given us, in this life.

So, without further explanation… please review the following and
chose for yourself… Truth or fiction?

David J. D’Addabbo Dabodave1@pdqx.net
Investigator for the people.

Let me know what you think… if enough people talk about this,
perhaps we can expose the truths… David…

David J. D’Addabbo Investigator.

———- Forwarded message ———-

Those that impliment these events-to Gitmo


DHS | National Exercise Program

FEMA: National Level Exercise 2011 (NLE 2011) 28 Jan 2011 … NLE 2011
is designated as a Tier I National Level Exercise. Tier I exercises (
formerly known as the Top Officials exercise series or TOPOFF)

Ready.gov: National Level Exercise 2011 The Great Central U.S.
Shakeout in April 2011 will involve more than 1 million people through
a broad-based outreach program, partnership with the media,

YouTube – FEMA NLE 2011 May Be Ready to Blow the New Madrid Fault ! 6
Jan 2011 … http://www.shakeout.org/downloads/nle_factsheet.pdf
/FEMANLE.html Representative from the Federal Emergency

YouTube – Army Corps of Engineers – NLE 2011 – illinois plan – NO …

National Level Exercise 2011 (NLE 2011) Private Sector Participation

IDHS: Earthquake Preparedness Program / NLE 2011

Depopulation as the ultimate purpose of global radiation war

Scientist: U.S., Canada, Mexico, Hawaii targeted in nuclear war from


The west coasts of the United States and Canada, and Mexico, Ms. Moret
indicates, are the major food producing areas for North America.
Radiation from the Japan quake/nuclear meltdown events at Fukushima is
intentionally being steered into these areas in order to dose the land
and the food with radiation.

The specific agencies in nation-states carrying out these tectonic
attacks and radiation programs do so as part of Agenda 21, a
depopulation program enunciated when Henry Kissinger was U.S.
Secretary of State, and a deep cover operative of this war crimes
racketeering organization.

European Parliament Indicates US Caused Jap Quake with HAARP!

NOTE! The next quake will be the New Madrid between May 16-19 2011!
PBS, History channel and others are already ‘conditioning’ you to
believe this will be a ‘NATURAL’ event. The mere FACT that it WILL
OCCUR between this time frame when troops are pre-positioned will
prove it to be a STAGED EVENT! These troops will likely be CANADIAN as
the CIA is now training Canadian officers in Ft. Leavenworth TX NOW
for this event. REMOVE THEM or any Americans willing to force you off
your property and into waiting FEMA relocation camps. If you want to
live in a tent on what’s left of YOUR property, that is your RIGHT!
This is being done to intentionally cull the heard and takeover this
nation. So respond accordingly!

While I like MOST of what Ryan Dawson puts out regarding IsraHELL and
other material. He is completely IGNORANT of what HAARP can do and has
done. One only need look at this graph from March 9 here: For over 2
DAYS HAARP was screaming out this signal calling for the quake to hit
 You can adjust the date to see this cease AFTER the quake
occured. This is not inconsistent with what the globalists want.
Namely DEPOPULATION! They don’t care about the economic situation as
their plan has always been to CRA$H the system to force a cashless
society. They don’t care about radiation or food as they are stocked
up in their underground bunkers. If you are wondering who Ryan Dawson
is or why I even mention him, see this:
No, the WTC was NOT taken down by micro-nukes but by super nano
thermite and explosive

controlled demolition. But Japan WAS attacked by HAARP technology and
even the European Parliment has now SAID SO and are asking quesions
they will NEVER get answers to. HAARP is a military WEAPON and
controlled by the military. The one in Alaska is controlled by the Air
Force. NOTE below that they liked what HAARP can do so well they built
an improved MOBILE version!

European Parliament Questions HAARP

European Parliament issues warnings on HAARP


HAARP Magnetometer Data Shows HAARP Caused Japan Earthquake


Mobile HAARP Boat caused Jap Quake!!


WHY doe this exist? WHY is it controlled by the military? WHY was it
over by Japan sending that signal for 2 days??

HAARP Magnetometer data shows Japan earthquake was induced.

look at the induction magnetometer charts from last year’s
earthquake in Haiti as well as from the recent earthquake measuring
9.1 on the Richter scale that triggered a tsunami and destruction on
the Japanese east coast show surprising similarities that point to an
artificial cause and the use of HAARP technology. In the case of
Haiti, low frequency signals of 2,1 Hz were detected for 40 hours
before the earthquake occurred while in the case of Japan something
similar happened. Low frequency signals of 2,5 Hz were detected for
about 55 hours before the earthquake occurred off the coast of Japan
as well as for 4 hours afterwards.

(So UP YOURS Ryan Dawson on this issue!)


This is NOT a joke! These globalist bankster BASTARDS are planning to
deliberately trigger a GIANT New Madrid Earthquake during the May
16-19 Military Exercise period just as was done in New Zealand during
THEIR Military Exercise! REMOVE as many of the H.A.A.R.P. antennas in
Alaska BEFORE this time, they just MAY thwart this insidious plan.
Remember there is NO congressional or any oversight in what H.A.A.R.P.
has been used for. It has triggered quakes in Haiti, China, Iran, now
New Zealand and even at the Suez Canal. THIS MUST BE STOPPED BY ANY
MEANS NECESSARY! The plan is to trigger the quake while these FOREIGN
TROOPS are deployed! Before the roads and bridges are trashed.

(After viewing the mobile going SEA based version, this is the one
that should be TARGETED!) http://presscore.ca/2011/?p=1624

WARN OTHERS NOW!! PLANNED New Madrid Earthquake / Human Culling

READ THIS! PASS ON THESE LINKS! You need to be ARMED and stocked up
and mentally prepared to REMOVE TROOPS pretending to be here to ‘help
you.’ They will be taking you to die in FEMA camps instead and likely
will be CANADIAN and NOT Americans!

When you know ‘they’ are coming…. Bake them a nice cake!!

Military Exercise goes live during New Zealand’s Largest E.Q.
This video was forced DOWN! Hmmmmmm!

Try this one instead: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeK3VXVC9lI

The New Zealand Air Force, Navy and Army was practicing an ‘EXERCISE’
of an earthquake when the real quake hit. JUST AS IS PLANNED HERE!

Now, this is EXACTLY what is planned for the US from May 16-19 as you
can read below. We have now had ‘practice’ runs in NZ, Haiti, China
and elsewhere. There was even a quake at the mouth of the Suez Canal
just as Iranian ships were entering.

Joyce Reilly on “The Power Hour” talked about this scenario TODAY
March 1, 2011. She started about 30 minutes into the first hour. You
can hear the rebroadcast here:
You can hear this after 10am EST TODAY!

New Madrid Seismic Zone graphics, illustrations, diagrams Natural gas
pipelines & NMSZ


From May 16-19 there is scheduled to be a ‘National Level Exercise’ of
a massive New Madrid Earthquake. You can google NLE 2011. Does
spending this kind of money during an economic depression make sense
to you for a supposed ‘fictitious’ scenario? I and others believe that
troops (probably FOREIGN) will be pre-positioned before a REAL MASSIVE
quake is deliberately triggered. Using a massive antennae system in
Alaska called: H.A.A.R.P. These quakes have already been triggered in
practice runs in Haiti, China and Iran and NOW New Zealand!

There are also discussions of using a NUKE to seal the still-open BP
Gulf oil well hole still polluting the ocean.



MORE PROOF! Now TPTB aren’t looking so “Pretend” anymore!!!!!

MORE PROOF: Something isn’t right. TPTB* are making Plans, and WE are
being LIED TO! Pt 6 .mp4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8NgeJ4yzxM


FEMA Wants MREs For 7m ‘Survivors’ In New Madrid Fault Zone


FEMA Wants Underwater Body Bags For New Madrid Area? – Vid


New Madrid Seismic Zone on MSNBC-Plan for earthquake NLE 2011 FEMA

2012 Extinction-Part 6 New Madrid Earthquake Fault Will Divide The
American Con183.wmv

&feature=related WATCH THIS!!

2010/11 New Madrid Earthquake 8.1 in next 24 months phenomenon in the
sky before! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qR5kZZl40bA

Fatal Earthquakes 7.0 to 10.1 Coming World Wide, Why? & How To Be
Prepared! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAPxfuDwedE




Many MANY more videos related can be seen on Youtube

MORE PROOF that they intend to create a disaster, and that they know
something!!!. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxILKuj1nMg
&feature=related WATCH THIS!

FEMA is alread looking into buying 140 MILLION Meals ready to eat and
140 MILLION blankets in addition to THOUSANDS of underwater body bags.

Mass bird kills and animal kills indicate the New Madrid fault-line
area is being targeted NOW.

More PROOF that H.A.A.R.P. is behind the mass deaths of animals Pt.2

Telltale signs of glowing red clouds have been seen above the targeted
areas about a half hour before the quakes.

HAARP caused earthquake in Sichuan China?




Using ELF or (Extremely Low Frequency) waves, these build up
underground until the energy is released in a massive shift.


This is vital to understand. After the quake, roads and bridges will
be unusable and it will be more difficult to move troops and supplies.
These troops will then be used to FORCEFULLY take people to FEMA CAMPS.
FEMA Trainig Cops To Place People In Camps


FEMA Video Preps Kids For UFOs, Mega Earthquakes – Vid


There you will be separated from your children and YOUR DEFENSES!! It
is vital that you make preparations NOW before this happens. Power,
water and sewage services will be destroyed. Stock water, supplies
GUNS AND AMMO NOW! The globalists have a clear history of
pre-positioning troops BEFORE staging a false flag attack. BEFORE 911,
troops were pre-positioned to attack Afghanistan.

This is also TIMED to occur as a smokescreen to the compete collapse
of the US dollar triggered by shortages in Silver and Gold











This New Madrid quake scenario has been foreseen by many and ‘future
maps of the USA’ are online:


ALL of these maps show an ‘inland sea’ stretching from Lake Michigan
South to the POISONED Gulf of Mexico. The New Madrid Quake will likely
dump this water South and inundate many. If you have friends or
relatives you could temporarily move supplies to and stay with during
the few days in May this scenario plays out, it may be a wise move.

AFTER the quake, be prepared to defend yourselves AND OTHERS from
being forcefully relocated. In the likely event these are FOREIGN
troops doing this, REMOVE THE AMERICAN TRAITOR COMMANDER likely giving
the orders to the foreign troops. This will help ISOLATE the foreign
troops on American soil. Resupply will be almost impossible with roads
Again this is assuming enough real patriotic Americans PREPARE NOW. So
spread the word. When you see the troops, EXPECT THE QUAKE! Tell
others NOW so this can NOT be passed off as any kind of ‘natural’

Plans are being made to silence dissent by shutting off the INTERNET.
ZioNAZIs like Joe LIEberman are preparing to do here what was done in
Egypt. The internet was turned back on in Egypt because people were
quickly working AROUND the shutoff and the globalist control freaks
don’t want you thinking about this and doing the same NOW. they also
found they LOST CONTROL and are now using the internet to target


Obama ‘Kill Switch’ Bill Excludes Court Oversight


SO DO IT! BE PREPARED! Get CB, marine, shortwave and ham radios NOW!
Get phone numbers of like minded people and start sharing information

Learn how to bypass the FEDs when censorship happens here.

How To Talk If The Feds Shut Down The Internet


Egypt Shows How Easy Internet Can Be Silenced


How Egypt Shut Down The Internet


How To Circumvent A Govt Internet Blackout


These creepy control freak BASTARDS are even trying to prevent you
from GROWING YOUR OWN FOOD or buying it during this economic collapse!

Deliberate food shortages are being MADE TO HAPPEN and prices are
rising and doubling quickly.






Food Price Rises May Cause ‘Unrest’ (mass riots)


What more proof do you need that THEY are your enemies? Ask folks down
in Louisiana how much FEMA helped them during Katrina. Or how they are
still being POISONED by CORREXIT spraying STILL over the still spewing
oil blowout there.





‘COREXIT Did NOT Degrade – It Did Not Go Away’


(Yes folks they did a dog and pony SHOW about supposedly closing the
oil blowout)


In fact, there is reason to believe this quake scenario will be
triggered by a NUKE used to attempt to finally seal the breach. But
given some interpretation of Bible prophecy, this “mountain of fire”
may only blowout the hole larger and turn the whole ocean black and

Thousands and thousands of marine animals are already dying!




What’s worse, the BP blowout may have been planned deliberately as
well. The CEO and others sold their stock just a few weeks prior to
the platform explosion. Shades of 911 stock short selling that was
NEVER investigated when these led to CIA and Israeli sources.

WTF movie ‘Knowing’ Predicted Oil Rig Explosion in the Gulf of Mexico
20 April 2010


More Evidence US Military Involved In Gulf Disaster


The globalists true to their PARASITIC form are buying CORREXIT
POISONED seafood and providing it to our own KIDS!/ TROOPS!



Gulf Seafood’s Safe, Everything’s OK, Keep Watching TV…


National Police State vs We The People




It’s WAY past time to STOP listening to morons or outright shills who
call you a conspiracy theorist for saying the government is your
enemy. There is enough proof on this page to be a wooden 2×4 to bash
somebody upside their empty head with if they have any functioning
neurons LEFT! If not, then MOVE PAST THEM! Keep posting this
information for those who might actually SEE the danger and act before
the event. That is all you can do but Biblically we are commanded to
warn others.

GET THIS INFO OUT!! Get it on as many different online groups and into
email boxes NOW! All you are encouraging is preparedness for a
catastrophicevent. Even the Homeland GESTAPO pretends they want
people to do this. But they secretly hope for apathy and laziness
instead. So keep posting, Keep Posting KEEP POSTING this info up
through the May exercise timetable. By doing so, maybe we can give
these satanic BASTARDS good reasons for thinking twice before
attacking and murdering more Americans.

PARASITES are in control of the U.S. government, media and our courts.
They have a long sordid history of attacking good people, morals and
polluting nations with THEIR perversion and THEIR people.

Just as they are working very HARD to do to U.S. NOW!


If you have any doubt whatsoever who actually attacked this nation on
911, you NEED to look at the facts and EVIDENCE here:



and http://www.realnews247.com <http://www.realnews247.com/>

How Zionism Infiltrated And Conquered The US – Vid


Jewish Influence In The US Government



JUNE 7th 2011 –


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