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Skull & Bones Secret Society.. Exposed

Skull and Bones (aka Order of Skull and Bones) information is quite spectacular as the end results leads one to believe in selection instead of election of presidential candidates. Here is the Skull and Bones member list! 322 is there number; 322BC (explained in the video below) denotes Demosthenes “the perfect orator” which was an exceptional political speaker who committed suicide in 322BC. Skull & Bones members believe that when Demosthenes died, Eulogia known as the Goddess of Eloquence (Eloquence means – elegant, forcible or persuasive public speaking), arose to the heavens and didn’t come back again until 1832 when the Skull and Bones were formed. Everything within the secret society is done for this goddess such as sacred anthems to her, a shrine to her, and encouraged to go steal things and bring them back to her within “the Tomb” which is their sanctuary at Yale.

Any further correlation to March 22nd or the Equinox? ..to March 22 as The Wiccan Sabbath aka Ostara? Investigate this conspiracy theory further..

This is what happens if you begin asking (the wrong) questions..

(although he came across as obnoxious)


60 Minutes Clip

ABC News

skull and bones 322


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